Who Doesn’t Love a crunchy Candied nut, but most of the time they are packed with Sugar… So we decided to make your dreams come true and we have started making a range of candied Nuts with Isomalt .  

Smooth, creamy flavour and with that yummy crunch you expect from a candied nut.

We can make them in different flavours for you too.

Select your flavour and pack size.   The perfect gift and the perfect keep at home snack for when you are craving something sweet.

Please Note:  Consuming Isomalt is a Personal Choice, We are only using this Particular sweetener to create the candied effect, and can mix it with the other sweeteners, but cannot use xylitol on its own for the same effect. Isomalt can upset your tummy if you are sensitive to it, but then you should not be eating large quantities anyway.  This sweetener is used specifically for its hardening properties in candy like products .

Below is the Nutritional Chart for 30g Servings, so you can decide how much you can have each day without compromising your dietary restrictions, so the Net Carbs per 30g would be 5g.

The thing to remember when having treats like this, is that they are there to satisfy a sweet craving, but should not be consumed in excess if you are following a strict carb count. Use this chart to maintain your daily intake.


Candied Nuts


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