I had so much fun coming up with this new cheesecake recipe. This is by far the yummiest cheesecake I have ever tasted 😍
First I made homemade macadamia butter and infused that into the base, the cheesecake I made with coconut cream, cream cheese and eggs. And the icing on top is made with coconut cream and cream cheese with lemon rind 🌸 all sweetened with xylitol. 

A smooth and creamy treat with a subtle coconut cream flavour. 


Ingredients: Coconut Cream, Macadamia flour, butter, macadamia butter, cream cheese, eggs, xylitol 


Only 1.6g Net carbs per cheesecake. 


Please note!  Over consumption of xyllitol can have a laxative effect.  Xylitol is harmful to pets

Coconut Cream & Macadamia Cheese Cake

Pack of

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