This gorgeous bread is a must for fresh greens lovers, kale is packed with nutrients and anti oxidents, and is a true super food, this bread has a healthy serving of kale mixed in with all the goodness of coconuts.  A delicious and versatile bread

Wheat, Gluten and Dairy  Free, with no added sugar.  


Kale, French tarragon, salt, coconut Flour, coconut oil, Coconut, eggs


All Natural, Full of nutriets and Made with Love

All Of Banting Baker Gigi’s Breads are freezable for longer shelf life

In Room Temperature, bread will last 4-5 days.  In the fridge, it will last 7-8 days, and Freezing will allow you to keep it for much longer .

Kale and Seed Loaf

Add Feta
Pack of

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