Our White Bread range are made with white flours, like Coconut Flour. You can Toast these breads beautifully as we use Psyllium husk as the binder and also to increase the amount of fibre in each loaf.  

The whole loaf has a Net carb amount of 23g and depending on the size of your slices, 16 slices will work out to 1.3 grams of Net carbs per slice. 

You can cut them thinner too.  Great for making sandwiches, or just enjoying the feeling of devouring a slice of toast again.  


Basic ingredients :  Eggs, psyllium husk, coconut oil, butter, and the flour of your choice


All Of Banting Baker Gigi’s Breads are freezable for longer shelf life

In Room Temperature, bread will last 4-5 days.  In the fridge, it will last 7-8 days, and Freezing will allow you to keep it for much longer .

White Bread

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