21 Day Spartan Fasting Challenge. – Discipline, Focus, Results.


21 Day Spartan Fasting Challenge!


This is a 21 day Spartan Fasting Challenge.  You will fast with two methods of Fasting. 18:6  and 20:4.

This challenge includes a very Powerful combination of collagen, broth and mct oil and 1 meal and side a day.

You will receive 10 Snack bars from Keto Nutrition.

  • Full Meal plan With Fasting Instructions, 24/7 support
  • Choose 21 dinners
  • 11 Packs of Konjac –   21 sides
  • 21 Portions of Collagen
  • 21 Portions of Broth
  • 10 Keto Every Day Bars
  • 1 Bottle of Mct Oil

You Will receive a Full Meal Plan with Instructions on What to have and when to have it.

Instructions on your Fasting periods.

24/7 Support, I am available whenever you need to ask questions.

You will Receive 1 Free delivery in Cape Town.

Or Pay the Courier Costs to Anywhere in South Africa

You can pay for additional deliveries should you need to.





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Keto, Banting, Diabetic, Wheat & Gluten Free, no added sugar.

These Package deals on our single portion meals all come without sides, and can be frozen for up to 2 months.

All of the meals have been worked out to below 5g net carbs per Meal.

To View All our Nutritional Charts Click Here!


Meal options:

Available in Beef, Chicken or Vegetarian.







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