Erythritol – Low Carb Sweetener –


Those on ketogenic diets will be interested in the findings of a 1994 study done on Japanese males.

Since erythritol was being used widely in Japan during that time, K Noda and colleagues at the Omiya Research Lab in Japan looked at the effect that erythritol had on:

  • glucose
  • insulin levels
  • triglycerides
  • total cholesterol
  • fatty acids in the bloodstream

No rise in glucose or insulin was observed in any of the participants.

Likewise, triglycerides, cholesterol levels, and even fatty acids in the bloodstream were not significantly affected by the consumption of erythritol like they are when consuming products with fructose.

This makes erythritol extremely keto-friendly.

In addition, the scientists also observed that over 90 percent of the erythritol was absorbed into the bloodstream at 30 minutes and then eliminated from the body within 48 hours, without degrading.

Most of the erythritol was disposed of within the first day.

This explains why erythritol is different from other sugar alternatives.

Rather than passing through the digestive system untouched until it reaches the colon, like other sugar alcohols do, the small size of the erythritol molecules allows most of it to be rapidly absorbed by the small intestine and excreted by the body unchanged.

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