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Eat good, look good, feel good!

Managing even 1 of these can be challenging, never-mind all 3 together. 

As humans we all need some help sometimes, even if we struggle to admit it (Yes, I am talking to you, stubborn husband). 

We are stronger as a group. When we support and care for one another, anything is possible. Whether you are trying to lose 20kg, 20cm or 20 trips to the doctor, you can do it!

Join us, text us, call us or send a pigeon, we are here for you!

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Feel good, look good !

Eat Good

You know what they say: “You are what you eat.”  The food we put on our plate has a massive impact on our lives. It’s easy when everything is both healthy AND delicious!

Look Good

Obviously, the wrong food will pack on the pounds and the right food will have the beach begging for your speedo clad physique. But looking good is just the beginning!

Feel Good

Of course, we all feel better when the mirror smiles back at us, but this is just the surface. Good food means high energy, happy moods, hearty loving!

It have been always been sceptical of ready made frozen meals....... BUT OMW I am so impressed the meals we have had so far have been absolutely yummy and delicious.

- Kim Heres

Gigi's Konjac rice! Best thing since sliced bread. Taste great and easy to use.

Surina Burger

Having a sweet tooth like me I really do struggle to stick to any healthy lifestyle but MAN O MAN those Snickerdoodle farbomb treats are insanely delicious!!!

Marcia De Kock

The service is amazing. They really went out of their way to make sure I’m happy with my food even at a huge expense for them. I can highly recommend them. Thank you guys!!!

Chireze Hoogendyk